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ClearCanvas Workstation v3.9 Veterinary

Part of the ClearCanvas RIS/PACS


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ClearCanvas Workstation v3.9 Veterinary is a standalone PACS viewer application with value-added  features intended for use in a  veterinary setting.  These features include:

Veterinary Fields:  Owner, species and breed information can now be queried on when searching for studies, and are displayed on images.
Media Writing: Patient imaging studies can be stored on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray for distribution to patients and other clinicians.
DICOM Print: Patient images can be printed to film for review.  Includes a "true size" option suitable for use with orthopedic templates.
Auditing: HIPAA compliant audit trail so that access to patient data is recorded and traceable.
Anti-Tampering Measures: Alerts the user if the software differs in any way from its intended configuration, so you can be sure it's working correctly.
Password Protection: Whenever the Vetstation starts up, the user is asked to enter a username and password.  This deters unauthorized personnel from accessing patient data.
CT/PT Fusion: Dual modality PT/CT studies are automatically fused for a simplified viewing experience.
Customizable menus and toolbars: You can now hide, group and rearrange items on the toolbar and menus, as well as change keyboard and mouse button assignments.
Cobb angle: You can now measure the angle between lines drawn on the image, even when they don't intersect on screen.

(For a more complete list of features, see the Image Viewer section).


We hope you enjoy using ClearCanvas Vetstation and we thank you for your continued support.


ClearCanvas Vetstation - User's Guide
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