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Starting the Service

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ClearCanvas.Server.ShredHostService.exe (or "ClearCanvas Vetstation Shred Host Service") is an important background service process that must be running for many of the features in ClearCanvas Vetstation to work properly.  Its responsibilities include:

Providing DICOM query, send and retrieve services (i.e. C-FIND, C-STORE SCU/SCP)
Importing images
Updating the database
Disk management

If, for some reason, the service has stopped, you can start it again manually from within the Vetstation using the Tools > Services menu items.  The enabled state of the menu items reflects the current running state of the service as shown below (e.g. Stop is enabled, so the service is running).  Note that if you do not have the appropriate Windows permissions to control the services, you will be unable to use the items in this menu.



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