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Starting MPR

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To view a set of images with MPR, simply right click on a display set and select the Open with MPR tool.  Alternatively, you can select the MPR tool from either the Tools menu or the main toolbar to start MPR using the currently selected display set.  If the tool is not visible or is disabled, then there are not enough images in the display set to start MPR.


There are some restrictions on the kind of source images from which MPR can be started:

There must be at least three images in the display set.
All the images must come from the same study and series.
All the images must have the same frame of reference.
All the images must have the same image orientation (relative to the patient).
The spacing between consecutive images must be consistent.
The images may not have a horizontal gantry tilt 1.

In cases where the display set is a concatenation of image stacks with different orientations (e.g. a 3-plane series), only the images with the same orientation as the image in the selected tile will be loaded in MPR.

1  A gantry tilted image is one where the imaging plane is not orthogonal relative to the patient coordinate system, and is typically achieved during image acquisition by tilting the apparatus holding the modality's emitter (e.g. x-ray tube) and detector components.


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