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Reviewing Key Images Before Saving

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Before you close the viewer workspace, you may want to briefly review the key images you have created.  To do so, simply click on the Show Key Images button on the toolbar.  This brings up a window much like the Clipboard, but it is strictly used for key images.

Once the Key Images window is open, you can:

1.Delete individual key images by clicking Delete Selected. Be careful because you can only get deleted key images back by going through the process of creating them again.
2.Clear all key images, by clicking Delete All.
3.Select Edit Key Image Information and edit some basic information that will be stored in the header of the DICOM Key Object document, like this:

Note that, if you don't edit these values, the defaults in the Key Object Document will be:

Document Title: 113000 Of Interest (DCM)
Description: left blank
Series Description: KEY IMAGES


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