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Retrieving Studies

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Assuming that you've configured everything properly, retrieving studies from a remote server is straightforward:

1.In the Servers pane, select the server you wish to query.
2.Enter the appropriate search criteria in the Search pane.
3.Click Search.
4.Select the study (or studies) you wish to retrieve from the study browser.  You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) studies, or Shift-Click to select a range.
5.Click Retrieve. At this point, the Send/Receive Activity Monitor will automatically appear. The monitor will indicate the progress of the retrieval.


6.In the Servers pane, select My Studies.
7.When at least one image has been retrieved, the study will appear in the study browser.
8.Select the study and open it. Note that what you see is a only a snapshot of what has arrived so far. If the study hasn't fully arrived yet, what you see is incomplete.

Having problems retrieving?  See Troubleshooting.

Technical Note

Retrieval is possible only if the remote server supports DICOM Query/Retrieve, i.e., C-FIND and C-MOVE as an SCP.


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