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Reindexing the Database

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On rare occasions, it may seem as though images or studies are missing. If so, it's possible that your database is out of sync with the file store. To ensure that all the images in the file store are properly referenced in the database, you need to perform a reindex, which will clear out the contents of the database and re-add all the image references. This can be done simply be selecting Tools > Utilities > Reindex Local Data Store.



Troubleshooting: If you are having problems reindexing the database, you can manually reset it.  To do so, first make sure the Vetstation and its service are not running.  Then, browse to the dicom_datastore folder in the installation directory and delete the viewer.sdf file.  Make a copy of the empty_viewer.sdf and rename it to viewer.sdf.  Now restart the service and the Vetstation, and try the reindex again as described above.


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