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Recalling Key Images

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Simply put, once the key images for a given viewer session have been saved, they are just part of another series that gets appended to the study.  To recall the key image series, simply open the study again from wherever the key images were published (e.g. locally or a streaming ImageServer).  Once open, the key image series will appear like any other series, in the right-click context menu and thumbnails, as shown below.  Note that, if you saved multiple key images, there are 2 different ways to recall the images depending on your display set layout configuration.  You can have them split into single image display sets, meaning that each image has its own entry in the context menu, or they can be grouped together in a single display set, in which case you will have to stack through the images in order to see them all.

When you view a key image, the Vetstation tries to make it appear as close as possible to the way it looked when it was created.  This includes loading all the measurements and text annotations that were present as well as window/level, zoom/pan and rotations.  It may not always be possible to get the correct zoom and pan, since the available window size and layout may be different from that when the key image was originally created (compare the screenshots on this page with the original).  Additionally, note that the measurements and text annotations have become read-only – although, for convenience, we have made any text callouts moveable while still pointing to the same measurement/point.


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