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Prior Studies

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Although it is a manual process, there are rules that can be configured to customize the search for (and reconciliation of) prior studies.  However, it is not recommended that these rules be changed from their default values unless you are absolutely certain the changes you have made are correct and will not adversely impact patient care.  Modifying these rules can result in incorrect priors being listed, or in true priors being missed altogether.

For more detailed information on how prior studies are found/reconciled, please consult the ClearCanvas Vetstation DICOM conformance statement, which is available on our website.

Once the study (or studies) you selected has opened, the Vetstation will automatically search the local store and your default servers for related/prior studies and load them into the viewer.  The prior studies will gradually appear in the right-click context menu and thumbnail panel as they are loaded.  Below, the thumbnail panel and right-click menu show two different studies have been loaded, but only one study was actually selected to be opened.

Note that, in the case where you have selected a default server that is not a ClearCanvas ImageServer, the prior studies will appear in the viewer's context menu, but you will be unable to view them.  Their presence in the context menu is simply to let you know that those prior studies exist.  In order to view them, you must retrieve them to your local machine, close the viewer, and reopen the studies.  This kind of workflow problem is usually solved by auto-routing relevant priors to the appropriate workstation(s).  Your PACS administrator will be able to tell you what's possible with your current system.




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