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Writing Studies to Media

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The Media Writer allows studies to be written to optical media, like a CD or DVD.  The Media Writer produces a disc containing the selected studies and - optionally - a portable edition of ClearCanvas Vetstation for viewing the images.

Invoking the Write To Media tool from the DICOM Explorer's study browser will cause the Media Writer to open, initialized with the selected studies.  Once open, additional studies may be added to the Media Writer from the study browser.  Because the Media Writer is a docking window (or shelf), the user may continue to use any other functionality within the Vetstation while the disc is writing.


Please see the following sections for details on using the Media Writer:

Detailed Instructions
Additional Options

Important Note

Distributing patient data on media with a viewer allows for viewing patient data on computers that do not have an existing DICOM viewer installed.  Be careful to ensure that media is only distributed to appropriate parties.


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