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Laying Out Images

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Once you've opened a study, you can easily change the display layout of the images.

Changing the Layout

To change the image box layout (e.g. 1x2, 2x2, etc.):

1.Expand the Change Layout drop-down on the viewer toolbar.
2.Highlight the desired Image Box or Tile Layout with the mouse. Image boxes have an orange border in the viewer when selected. Tiles are the boxes inside an image box and have a yellow border when selected.
3.Left-click the mouse to apply the desired Layout.


Changing What is Displayed

Display sets are simply groups of images. For all intents and purposes, a display set is equivalent to a DICOM series.  There are 3 different ways to change the display set in the selected image box.

1.Right click on the image box and select the display set you want.


2.Open the thumbnail panel and drag the desired display set into an image box.


3.Select an image box and use the Next and Previous Display Set buttons to navigate to the Display Set you want.


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