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1.Download and run the Vetstation installer. If .NET 3.0 has not been installed on the system, the installer will automatically download it from Microsoft and install it.
2.When prompted for the DICOM Server Settings for this device, enter a unique AE Title and specify the port on which the Vetstation should listen.
3.Complete the installation.

Technical Notes

There are two executables: ClearCanvas.Desktop.Executable.exe and ClearCanvas.Server.ShredHostService.exe. The former is the actual ClearCanvas Vetstation application that you run. The latter is a Windows Service that runs in the background and will send and receive DICOM images, respond to DICOM queries and delete image files when the used disk space exceeds a specified watermark. If you want to start or stop that service, you can do so from within ClearCanvas Vetstation under Tools > Services.
The log file in INSTALLDIR\logs contains relevant information when things go wrong. When reporting a bug, it's recommended that you include the log file in your report.  You can quickly get to the logs directory from within ClearCanvas Vetstation by selecting Help/Show Logs.
DICOM files are stored in INSTALLDIR\filestore with the following hierarchy: StudyInstanceUID\SOPInstanceUID.dcm. Note that there is no "series level" folder.
DICOM files that could not be processed are placed in INSTALLDIR\badfiles.


ClearCanvas Vetstation - User's Guide
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