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Importing DICOM Images

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When opening images in the manner described above, they are loaded on a per-session basis. That is, if you open some images, close the application, then restart the application, the Vetstation has no memory of what you loaded. You have to go through the tedious process of selecting the files all over again. Fortunately, you can make the Vetstation remember what studies you've loaded by importing them. Here's what you do:

1.In the Explorer (which appears by default when you start the application), click on the My Computer tab.
2.Select the image(s) or folder(s) that contains the images you want to import.  You can Ctrl-Click to select multiple (individual) images/folders, or Shift-Click to select a range.
3.Bring up the context menu (i.e., right click on the file(s) or folder(s)) and select Import. This will import the file(s) into the Vetstation's local store.  The Import Activity Monitor will show the progress of the operation.


4.The Import Activity Monitor will automatically appear and it will show you the progress of running import operations and inform you of any failures.  If closed, it can be re-opened via the Tools>Utilities menu.


5.The studies have now been imported and you can search for the study you want and open it.

Having problems importing?  See Troubleshooting.

Technical Note

Note that for import to work, the ClearCanvas Vetstation Shred Host Service must be running, since importing is actually done by the service.



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