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Image Viewer

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Welcome to the Image Viewer section of the ClearCanvas Vetstation - User's Guide.  The "viewer", as it is colloquially referred to, is just one of the major modules in the ClearCanvas suite, providing core image viewing functionality for our products.  Like all other ClearCanvas components and modules, it is built on top of our highly extensible application framework.


Feature Highlights

Here are some of the image viewer features you'll find in ClearCanvas Vetstation:

NEW! Veterinary field support when querying and viewing studies
NEW! Write Studies to Media
NEW! Print Images to a DICOM Printer
NEW! PET-CT Image Fusion
NEW! Menu, toolbar, and keyboard shortcut configuration
NEW! Cobb Angle measurements with the ruler tool
Very easy to use, intuitive interface
Key Images with automatic publishing to PACS (DICOM Key Object SR Documents)
Automatic search for related/prior studies
Image Streaming / WADO (when used in conjunction with ClearCanvas ImageServer)
Query, import, send and receive DICOM images
Compressed image support (JPEG 2000, JPEG Lossless/Lossy, RLE)
Multiframe image support 1
Study anonymization
DICOM header viewer/editor
Support for DICOM overlays
Support for DICOM shutters (user-drawn or those encoded in the image)
Individual overlay toggle for Text, DICOM, Shutter and Scale overlays
Image layout controls with survey/explode functionality
Undo/Redo support
Open files from Windows Explorer
Multiplanar Reconstruction (MPR)
Synchronized stacking
Reference lines and spatial locator
Window/Level (with user-defined presets)
Support for data LUTs encoded in the image
Linear measurements
ROI area, mean and standard deviation measurements with rectangular, elliptical and polygonal shapes
Angular measurements with the protractor tool
Text user annotations (simple or callout)
Image scale
Calibration support for images without scale information
Clipboard (with export to image and video)
Cine playback of images in a display set
Stacking via mouse and scroll bar
Stack sorting (by Image Number, Slice Location, Acquisition Time)
Match Scale
Magnifying glass
Next/previous display set
Load images with external applications
Show image properties
List and filter DICOM attributes of multiple files in tabular form
Memory management for large datasets


1 Not all features are supported for Enhanced CT Multiframe images and Enhanced MR Multiframe images.  For example, although you can view such images, some text overlay items may be missing.


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