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Diskspace Management

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As DICOM studies are retrieved to the local machine, the Diskspace Manager will make sure that old studies are purged so that the disk never saturates.  The Diskspace Manager can be configured as follows:

1.In the main menu, select Tools > Options > Diskspace Manager.


2.Set the High Watermark, which is the percentage of the disk at which studies are purged.  Studies are purged in a First In First Out (FIFO) manner according to when they were originally inserted into the database (not study date).
3.Set the Low Watermark, which is the percentage of the disk at which the purging should stop.
4.Set the Check Interval, which determines how often a disk space check should be done.
5.In addition to the watermarks, you can also configure an absolute maximum number of studies to store in the database.  Once the number of studies in the database reaches this limit, the Vetstation will continually delete older studies trying to keep the number of studies at or below this number.




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