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Configuring Servers

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Before configuring any external servers, make sure the Vetstation's local DICOM server configuration is correct.

In order to be able to query other DICOM devices from within the Vetstation and retrieve studies from them, you will have to configure each such device in the Vetstation:

1.In the Servers pane of the DICOM Explorer (which appears by default when you start the application), click on My Servers. The Add Server button should now be available.
2.Click on Add Server (or use the context menu to do the equivalent).


3.In the Server Name field, enter a descriptive name of some kind, such as "CC Streaming Server". Note that this name is purely descriptive and is not used at all for DICOM communication.
4.In the AE Title, Host and Port fields, enter the AE Title, network name (or IP address) and port of the remote AE. You may need to ask your PACS administrator for this information. These 3 pieces of identifying information are used in DICOM communication and must be correct.
5.In the Location field, enter a descriptive location of some kind, such as "Room 314". Like Server Name, this field is purely descriptive.
6.If your server is a ClearCanvas ImageServer with streaming capabilities, then you can enable ClearCanvas Image Streaming in the lower portion of the dialog.  Normally, you can leave the Header Service Port and Image Service Port unchanged, unless your PACS Administrator has changed them on the server.
7.Click OK.

To see if you have connectivity, select the server you have just added and click the Verify server or server group button. A message box will appear indicating whether or not the connection was successful.


Note that you can also:

Group servers together via the add server group button.
Rearrange servers and groups by dragging them around in the Servers pane.

Technical Note

The other server may require you to add ClearCanvas Vetstation's AE Title and listening port to it's configuration in order for you to be able to send or receive studies.
Previous versions of ClearCanvas used to require that any other AEs from which it would accept DICOM associations had to be in the Vetstation's server list.  This is no longer the case, and ClearCanvas Vetstation will now accept associations from any DICOM device as long as it passes the correct AE Title for the Vetstation in the association request (called AE Title).
With regards to Image Streaming, please note that this feature is only available if your PACS server is a ClearCanvas ImageServer with streaming capabilities.



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