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Rule to Delete Specific Series in Study
Last Post 24 Jul 2013 06:36 AM by Emmanuel M. 0 Replies.
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24 Jul 2013 06:36 AM  
I am having some issues with storage of studies from Aquilion One 320/640 Slice Volumetric CT from Toshiba:

1. Images are 16 bit and they say they can't change it to 12 bit to be subject to JPEG extended lossy compress. I am using 2.0 community edition of CCIS. If I were to upgrade to a version with JP2K compression, will it be able to lossy compress 16bit images?

2. The Toshiba equipment has been set to automatically reconstruct very user friendly slices for viewing e.g 3.0 axial, sag and coronal for each abdominal series done and similar reconstructions for other body regions with appropriate slice thickness. However, the original volume is also automatically sent to PACS with crazy numbers of images e.g 4000 images per series for some studies e.g peripheral angio. These volume series are useful initially during reporting but may not be necessary for long term storage. The series names for the volume series always contain the expression "Vol."

Due to very large series and inability to lossy compress, storage is becoming an issue.

Is there a way to set a rule that deletes only the series containing the expression "Vol" within a study, say after 2 weeks while leaving the other series within the study intact?


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