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PrinterStatusScu rejected by server
Last Post 20 Mar 2012 11:09 PM by stewart. 1 Replies.
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New Member

13 Mar 2012 04:58 AM  


I try to use PrinterStatusScu in my application just as shown in the example in PrinterStatusScu.cs. But I got error from JDICOM printer sever. But it is rejected by server. The following is the server log. Do you guys have any idea?


abstract syntax                 scu scp
1.2.840.10008.          -1  -1 
nr   abstract syntax                 pcid  description                                           
0    1.2.840.10008.          1     Printer SOP Class                                     
  ts-0     1.2.840.10008.1.2.1             Explicit VR Little Endian Transfer Syntax             
  ts-1     1.2.840.10008.1.2               Implicit VR Little Endian Transfer Syntax             
jdicom: [reject, result: REJECTED_PERMANENT, source: DICOM_UL_SERVICE_USER, reason: NO_REASON_GIVEN]
jdicom: / Leave
jdicom: #57:PRODIVA close socket

stewartUser is Offline
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Veteran Member

20 Mar 2012 11:09 PM  
Haven't used JDICOM in a while, but I recall some of the apps were a bit finicky about things like configuring the AE of the caller(s), otherwise the association gets rejected. Any chance it's something like that?

Otherwise, you'd have to do some more digging because that log message isn't very helpful. A lot of the JDICOM apps also allow you to set the verbosity of the logs. Maybe you can get more detailed logging info.
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