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DICOM Viewer & Annotator widget.. Where to start?
Last Post 06 Jan 2011 11:42 AM by Jasper. 1 Replies.
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Andrew WUser is Offline
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27 Dec 2010 06:47 PM  

 Hi i'm new to DICOM & i'm trying to write a DICOM Viewer/Annotation widget that can be plugged into our EHR application.

What class & or classes do I start with for making a simple WinForms app display a DICOM image using the built in CC objects??

Ive downloaded the source code for CC & im just stuck on what to start with. I wish there was some simple sample App to demonstrate the basics. Is there? Or is the Workstation app the only code to go off of?

JasperUser is Offline
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Advanced Member

06 Jan 2011 11:42 AM  
Hi zezba9000,

Unfortunately, our code isn't structured in a such a way as to make creating custom viewer applications easy - the image viewing code is very much tied to the Workstation at the moment. You can use the DrawToBitmap function of an IPresentationImage object to dump images to GDI Bitmaps, and then render them to your WinForms surface - other people on the forums have reported some success in making simple web viewers using this method.

Most of the knowledge base concerning making custom viewer apps is contained on the forums - try searching on the keywords "web viewer", "DrawToBitmap", "ImageBox control". Someday, we will get around to refactoring the framework to make this easier, and when that happens we will likely create code examples and detail it in the developer's guide, but for now this is all there is.

Hope this helps,
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