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JPEG2000 Lossy Transfer Syntax
Last Post 19 Apr 2012 08:59 AM by stewart. 2 Replies.
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Anurag SUser is Offline
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New Member

17 Apr 2012 04:14 PM  


  We have a webservice that crack opens the Dicom Image and create thumbnails out of it. We rely on ClearCanvas library to read different compressions. The problem transfer syntax is this:

1.2.840.10008.          JPEG2KLossy           JPEG 2000 Lossy Compression    1

Somewhere in forum/documentation I read that I need the ClearCanvas.ImageViewer.Codec.Jpeg2000.dll read that particular transfer syntax, but I  have not been able to find it yet.

Has someone experienced these issues?

The error I get when opening the above mentioned data is thus:

ClearCanvas.Common.Platform Log                        OpenJPEG: 00000000: expected a marker instead of 0\n                                 0             

Any help is appreciated.




Chris HafeyUser is Offline
Basic Member
Basic Member

17 Apr 2012 07:10 PM  
ClearCanvas uses the OpenJPEG library to deal with JPEG2000. Unfortunately OpenJPEG has a number of bugs which causes it to fail decoding some bitstreams, especially those produced by other libraries. While JPEG2000 is technically a great codec, the lack of robust open source implementations pretty much forces you into paying for a commercial license from pegasus(now Accusoft) or aware. I disable JPEG2000 transfer syntaxes in my SCP so I don't have to deal with it.
stewartUser is Offline
Veteran Member
Veteran Member

19 Apr 2012 08:59 AM  
Just a note about OpenJPEG. Although we left the codec in the source repository, we no longer build it, nor do we include it in any of our products because, as Chris mentioned, it has some bugs that occasionally cause image corruption. Since you're only decompressing and creating thumbnails, it's probably ok to use it, but please do so at your own risk.

Only our commercial products officially support J2K, and we do use a commercial J2K solution.
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