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My System Technical Description
Last Post 01 Oct 2011 06:07 AM by Federico. 0 Replies.
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01 Oct 2011 06:07 AM  

As I mentioned in the thread dated August 23rd, 2011 I'm a Radiologic Technologist and in the mean time I take part of a no-profit Association in Madagascar. We built and manage a Hospital since 2007. I take care of the Radiology Sistem (RIS-PACS).

Actually the System is working fine and here the technical description:

- Organization: private, no-profit;

- CC products: ImgaServer, Workstation;

- I run a single instance of CC ImageServer with a 2TB RAID "1", 3 CC Workstation clients on-site, 1 remote (Italy), 1 portable (Italy);

- As a small and private Hospital we use CCW to read 10 CRs of the chest everyday;

- I wrote No plugins yet;

- We're not a company...and each service can be enjoyed for free by the Malagasy population. This is our strength!

Thanx CC and thanks to everyone who have been able to break down the wall of the business, creating a unique, stable and secure system. Me, Federico Tabarrini, thank you on behalf of the African population.

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