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Study Filters problem
Last Post 12 Dec 2011 02:27 PM by stewart. 1 Replies.
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02 Dec 2011 05:58 AM  


aggettivo successivo,posteriore,di poppa
avverbio dopo,dopo che,in seguito,successivamente,poi,dietro
preposizione secondo,nonostante,malgrado,alla maniera di
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I have a problem to filter large amount of studies (6 Gb), stored in my PC.
As soon I reach 20% of the loading, I get an error

I need to be able to filter according various tags
Is there a solution?

Thank you for your help


stewartUser is Offline
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Veteran Member

12 Dec 2011 02:27 PM  
We have seen this problem before, but unfortunately the only thing you can do is run the workstation on a 64 bit machine. On a 32 bit machine, processes have a 2GB memory limit (and the 3GB switch doesn't work with ClearCanvas, unless you modify the binary yourself), and that is a theoretical limit you will never actually be able to hit. It's often only around 1.3-1.7 GB of memory you can actually use before you start running into problems.

I'm a bit surprised at how quick you're seeing OOM exceptions, since most of the 6GB is pixel data, which is not loaded by Study Filters ... what version of the WS are you using? Now that I've mentioned it, I think there may have been a bug where it was loading the pixel data. Are you able to build the Worstation from the source code so you can try the most recent version?
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